The security situation remains five days after the Sri Lankan bombing

Release time:2019-04-26

The fifth day of a terrorist attack on the Easter Day in Sri Lanka on the 21st, the fully armed soldiers and police on the streets of Colombo, the city, can be seen everywhere. The situation continues to be tense.


On April 25th , the heavily armed Sri Lankan Navy, Army and local police conducted a close investigation of the passing vehicles. Reporter Pan Zurong

On April 21, there were eight suicide bombings in the capital Colombo and other places, including three 5-star hotels and three churches. The latest official figures released so far are about 253 people killed in the explosion and 485 injured. The officially announced casualties were 359 deaths and more than 500 injuries.


On April 25th, the main road of Colombo, the main road of Colombo, was almost empty. Reporter Pan Zurong photo

Currently, Sri Lankan security forces are pursuing a full-scale hunt for suspects suspected of this terrorist attack nationwide. On the afternoon of the 25th, the reporter saw in the Independence Square in the core area of Colombo that the busy scenes of the past were not there. The streets were almost empty and pedestrians. The military patrol cars swam back and forth on the streets. The heavily armed security forces were focusing on the road. The region, especially the presidential palace, the prime minister's office, the Ministry of National Defense, the Army Command, and various key departments, including the city hall, banks and other places, are mainly deployed.


On April 25th, the Air Force Commando on the streets of Colombo was setting up roadblocks to check the vehicles one by one. Reporter Pan Zurong

The five 5-star hotels in Colombo were the Big Cinnamon Garden  Hotel, Kingsbury Hotel and Shangri-La Hotel. These three luxury hotels are located on the Galle Road in the heart of Colombo, less than one kilometer apart. The reporter has not seen the guests in front of the Grand Cinnamon Hotel, only the security personnel and vehicles entering and leaving. The same is true for the Shangri-La Hotel, which is separated from the Independence Square. There is a no parking sign on the parking area on the side of the street in front of the hotel. Several soldiers are inquiring about two local reporters. In the past few days, the Kingsbury Hotel has been heavily guarded in front of the hotel. More than 10 soldiers in front of the road and on the road are on alert and inspecting suspected vehicles. The early morning restaurant workers who were experiencing an explosion were undergoing restoration work.


On April 25th, the Air Force Commando on the streets of Colombo was setting up roadblocks to check the vehicles one by one. Reporter Pan Zurong

Even the most congested, small passenger trains on the sea during the week have become cold and clear after the explosion, and few people in and out of the station. The quiet tree-lined trails of Colombo Hyde Park and the surrounding area of Independence Square are exceptionally quiet, with almost no visitors or pedestrians. Before the explosion, it was the main place for local residents to entertain, and many young couples also took photos of the wedding photos.


Abe, president of the Sino-Singapore Social and Cultural Exchange Association, expressed strong condemnation and indignation at the terrorist exchanges with reporters. He also hoped that the authorities can restore social security and stability as soon as possible.


On April 25th, the sea train station with the largest passenger traffic on weekdays became cold and clear. Reporter Pan Zurong

According to the official identification of the official, the attack was assisted by the local extremist organization NTJ (National Thowheed Jamath) in the external extremist organization. The extremist organization "Islamic State" claimed responsibility for the bombing on the 23rd, but did not provide direct evidence.


At present, Sri Lankan officials have confirmed that at least nine suicide attackers have participated in the serial bombing. Eight of them have been identified. Officials have also published photos of three male and three female attackers and asked citizens to provide clues. Sri Lankan security forces are currently conducting raids nationwide.