Sri Lanka’s dollar crisis reason behind tax increases – Dhammika Perera

Release time:2023-05-15 Publisher:South Asia Development

Commenting on Sri Lanka’s ongoing dollar crisis, MP Dhammika Perera has charged that the island nation is yet to create a stable path for the inflow of dollars into the country. 

Speaking at an event in Middeniya, Hambantota , the business tycoon attributed the ongoing tax crisis in Sri Lanka to the shortage of dollars. 

He explained that owing to the lack of dollars, Sri Lanka’s imports have reduced significantly, thereby directly affecting the income earned through the Customs tariffs and duties. 

“In order to earn the money lost from Customs tariffs and duties, other taxes are being increased. The preliminary problem behind this is the lack of dollars. There is still no proper way through which we can earn dollars”, he said in this regard.