Palworld, the ‘Pokemon with Guns’ game sells more than 3 million copies 40 hours after launch

Release time:2024-01-21 Publisher:South Asia Development

Palworld, an open-world game where you can shoot, kill and capture Pokemon-like creatures has sold 3 million copies in just 40 hours. 

The title has already become one of the most played as well as the top-selling game in the world since its launch.

The new role-playing game, often called ‘Pokemon with Guns’ has more than 100 Pokemon-like creatures that can be captured using a Pokeball device. You can ride your newly captured ‘Pals’, enslave them, equip them with arms and even ask them to fight alongside you or battle with other monsters to death. The player will also encounter some boss Pals that are tough to take down which can also be captured and enslaved.

Apart from the single-player mode, Palworld also features a multiplayer mode that requires players to team up to take up on tough Pals and craft to survive in the tough world. The gameplay also involves some base building like Minecraft and allows other players to loot bases or items from others.

Talking about base building, Palworld also lets you make use of your captured Pals to construct bases, assign them various tasks, force them to work on assembly lines, engage in farming, make them build houses and more. As it turns out, each pal has a unique personality and food requirements, with every type suitable for different things.

Since its early access launch yesterday, Palworld sold more than one million copies in just eight hours on the popular video game marketplace Steam. 

A few hours ago, some players had issues connecting to the server but the game developers quickly resolved these connectivity issues. At the time of writing, Palworld has surpassed Counter-Strike 2 to become the game with the most concurrent players on the platform.

Source – The Indian Express